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Large tables in EPUB

Stroki, iOS/Android, release 5.25

Book: A Good Girl's Guide to Murder - Holly Jackson (Russian edition)

Publisher: AST (exclusive)

EPUB: Stroki (Alexandra Korotaeva)

What to look at. Large tables are a huge headache for anyone working with ebooks. Smaller ones are easier, they are likely to fit easily into the screen and there will be no problems with display. Top-end readers solve this issue in different ways. For example, iBooks kind of rasterizes a large table, and in the image view window you can enlarge it and examine it in detail. Stroki's reader do a better job. If the table doesn't fit on the screen, you can scroll it in any direction right on the book page. In this case all adaptive properties of EPUB text remain: you can apply a different font and font size to the text in the table, and even if you change the background of the reader, the table will remain easy to view. And with the help of CSS you can color rulers, cells and the text inside the table.


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