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Amazon First Reads newsletter

How do you keep readers from drowning in the millions of ebooks available for purchase? Book services answer this question in different ways, working with cataloguing and recommendations, and here's what the world's largest service has come up with.

Amazon First Reads is a monthly newsletter with an editorial selection of 8 books in different genres. The books in this newsletter are not yet published on the service itself, but subscribers can buy them at a discounted price of $1.99 or read them for free with a Prime subscription. Each newsletter comes with an exclusive story by a famous author as a bonus; in April, it's "Cut and Thirst" by Canadian author Margaret Atwood.

This newsletter is a great tool for promoting new releases from Amazon's many imprints. Readers are invited to choose not from thousands of new releases, but from just a few titles in a variety of popular genres. If they appreciate the book from the newsletter, write reviews, run word of mouth, this book will have a great starting promotion. Well, such promotion costs the service almost nothing.


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