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Kobo Libra and Kobo Clara in colour

Kobo is updating its e-ink readers, and in a radical way — with the Kaleido 3 screens, readers will be able to see colours in e-books (something smartphone and tablet readers have long been used to).

The Kobo Clara Colour is a reader with a 6-inch touchscreen screen, 16 GB of storage and even water resistance (so you can read 12,000 books or listen to 150 audiobooks even at the bottom of the ocean). The Kobo Libra Colour has a 7-inch screen, 32 GB of memory and the ability to use a stylus to take notes.

As the advantages of the new format of readers, the manufacturer declares, of course, the beautiful display of covers and illustrations inside the books, as well as coloured highlights in the text in the notes mode. To listen to audiobooks you can connect the devices to headphones via bluetooth. Sales of the new readers will start on 30 April, Kobo Clara will cost $179, Kobo Libra will cost $249, and there's also a Kobo Clara BW with a black and white screen for $159.

I've written before that the Kaleido 3 supports 150 dpi colour resolution, and E-Ink's latest, the Gallery 3 screen, will support 300 dpi and even more colours.

Amazon is rumoured to be planning to launch a Kindle with a Gallery 3 colour screen in 2025.


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