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Reading glasses: Sol Reader

I've already told you about the e-ink typewriter, now it's the turn of glasses with e-ink technology. The startup Sol has developed special glasses for full immersion in an ebook. It's like VR, but exclusively for reading books.

According to the idea of CEO and co-founder of the startup Ben Chelf, the glasses will allow those who are constantly distracted by smartphone notifications to focus on reading books. The Sol Reader glasses have customizable lenses, so readers with different levels of vision can use them, and they won't need regular glasses. The glasses look rather bulky, but still not like the VR glasses or helmets on the market.

I have a few questions: how will I control such a device, how do I choose a book, how do I flip pages, and which books will be available to me? In one of the reviews, Ben answers the first question this way: the e-ink glasses will have a remote control! Sure, the remote is very stylish looking and easy to use, but it's still not exactly hands-free. And to add a book to the Sol Reader library, you will have to find book files in EPUB format and upload them to a separate mobile application. They also promise support for reading delayed posts and articles through the Pocket app.

Judging by the fact that the company has just opened pre-orders for Sol Reader, readers will be able to get and try out the device in 2024. To pre-order, you have to wait for your turn on a waiting list, then pay $350. It's hard to say whether it will be comfortable to read in such glasses, but fans of unusual gadgets will surely like Sol Reader glasses.

Screenshots from a video on S3's YouTube channel


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