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Papier-mâché: the new digital publishing

At the end of last year, Papier-mâché publishing house was launched and planed to publish Russian-language prose and translations. The publishing house is still digital, but does not rule out the possibility of publishing printed versions of books in the future. The distribution model of ebooks is quite interesting: readers can subscribe for 2024 and receive 10-12 books in EPUB format during the year, which will arrive by e-mail. In addition, ebooks can be bought on the publisher's website (PPD model), paying with Russian or foreign cards. By the way, the publisher has no plans to add books to "big" book services, so their own Papier-mâché store is the only distribution channel for their books.

I'll keep an eye on the new publishing project, which illustrates my thesis about the independence of ebooks from my review of Merchants of Culture: if you know how to publish books and find an audience for them, you don't need large publishing houses and corporations, nor large working capital to get started. And ebooks may well be independent of print runs, existing only in their own digital format.

Good luck, Papier-mâché!


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