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Small Caps in EPUB

Stroki, iOS/Android, release 5.25

Book: Trust - Hernan Diaz (Russian edition)

Publisher: Stroki

What to look at. One of many pleasant surprises for me: the new Stroki reader has a working Small Caps! I didn't write in any tasks about the font-variant: small-caps parameter, and it just worked on its own, and that's it. I won't describe what additional possibilities of text design the Small Caps gives, I'd rather tell a story like this. When we were preparing the EPUB of "Trust" by Hernan Diaz (and it was a day and a half's work), I didn't remove the Small Caps style at the beginning of the subchapters, which came from the InDesign layout for printing. You could also say that: I was too lazy to remove it. Back then, our reader was very far from full supporting of CSS, and this local formatting was simply not displayed. The more pleasant it was to learn that in the updated reader the Small Caps worked, and "Trust", as well as in many other books, now has this option of text formatting.

Small Caps in Stroki reader
Small Caps in Stroki reader


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