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Formulas in EPUB

Stroki, iOS/Android, release 5.24

Book: Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails — Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Russian edition)

Publisher: Azbooka-Atticus

What to look at. This is one of the most sophisticated EPUBs that I have seen from Russian publishers. A few months ago Stroki simply couldn't add it to the service because the old reader wasn't able to handle it. I had to supply the PDF, and that was my personal sadness. Now we can display something so complex. I won’t lie that I would read this book: yes, so many formulas scare me (double subscript - how is that even???). But such books have their own readers, and it’s great that they can read with maximum convenience on any device. I admire my fellow developers who created such a powerful reader in Stroki.

And the author of this cool work with EPUB, Nikita Kozel, will soon share his experience in articles for



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